"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alec Baldwin, Joe Namath, & Dave

The midtown sidestreet celebrity football event of the year!  And only CelebriGum brings you coverage that includes gum on a window ledge!

Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Namath, in a rarely-seen NFL "Formal" uniform, prepares to pass to Baldwin as Letterman hikes.

Letterman is in mid-season form.  Namath watches his protege from the sidewalk.

Baldwin is wide open, oddly enough.

That looks like a Sharpie.  Good luck getting that out in the laundry, Alec.

Video Highlight: Dave's Trick Pass!


  1. Mae West style joke "Is that a sharpie in you pocket or are you happy to see me?" It's more attractive coming from her keyboard.

  2. Her "keyboard"... if you know what I mean!

    (NOTE: I mean nothing.)

  3. I'm disappointed that Joe Namath wasn't allowed to play on Broadway.

  4. But that allowed me to make the unbelievably mild "53rd Street Joe" joke in the previous entry.

  5. Everything happens for a reason. When God shuts a door, he opens a website.

  6. Or he opens a window to take a photo of a celebrity and a wad of gum. Wait, Steve, is it being implied that you are a God? Be careful my friend. I can already hear crowds chanting about burning your album of celebrigum photos. Or perhaps even talk of a Fatwa. (are we supposed to capitalize the "F" in "Fatwa"?)