"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, October 10, 2011

Poppy Montgomery

To crop or not to crop?  It's a dilemma that comes up again and again in CelebriGum.

Arguments for the tightly cropped version:

1. Slightly better view of the gum.

2. Slightly better view of Ms. Montgomery, the star of the new CBS drama "Unforgettable."

Arguments for going with the wide shot:

1. You get to see several orange objects, a crane, and at least one person who doesn't give a crap.

2. Once again, a cameo appearance by Radio Man.

3. Many other details to recall later if you're one of the rare people with hyperthymesia, the superior memory possessed by Ms. Montgomery's character on the new CBS drama "Unforgettable."

4. I don't remember the fourth reason.

Coincidentally, I happen to know one of the very few people in the world who has hyperthymesia, Brad Williams.  His brother Eric made a fascinating documentary about him, which you can learn about here.


  1. Nice debate. I think it's wrong to crop out Radio Man. It's like someone telling the Doors to not say "higher". I forget who said that, maybe it was Theater Man.

  2. They had to use "higher." "Fire," "mire" and "pyre" don't really rhyme with "reach a greater altitude."

  3. Are we seriously discussing whether or not to have a close up shot of Poppy or a faraway shot? Hmm.

  4. What can I tell you, Lenny, I like construction equipment. I've seen an awful lot of celebrities.

  5. Steve, when did you switch cameras? Weren't you using a cellphone? Were you able to upgrade due to all the product placement deals?

  6. i vote uncropped - puts the orange hair in context with the construction equipment. just saying...liking the preview option.

  7. Lenny, I switched to an 8 megapixel point & shoot just about a year ago. As it started to get dark earlier, the cell phone camera was doing worse and worse. The little Canon usually does a respectable job (and allows for cropping and enlargements). It's still not much compared to a "serious" camera, but I need something that fits in my pocket.

  8. Instead of finding a camera that fits in your pocket, perhaps you should find a pocket that fits your camera. Or not, I really don't think a better camera would make the photos any better. Unless it's in 3D!

  9. I appreciate your analysis of your photos. It's like this is a college class or something. Not joking.

  10. More like a kollege klass. In Komedy Kollege they teach you that K's make things funnier.