"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whitney Cummings

CelebriGum, in conjunction with the American Optometric Association, is pleased to present this complimentary vision test featuring Whitney Cummings, co-creator and executive producer of "Two Broke Girls" as well as creator, executive producer, and star of "Whitney".   

Tell me which is clearer:


… or this?

Again, this...

... or this?

Hmm, looks like your prescription has changed a little.    

Now, to finish up, we'll just do the glaucoma test.  I know you hate this part; everyone does.  Put your eye up close to the screen and I'll shoot the puff of air at it.  It may take a moment or two, but don't worry, nothing's wrong.  Just keep your eye up close to the screen.  It's important for your health.  Put your eye right up against the screen and don't move for a long time. 

Remember, you'll ruin the test if you don't remain motionless for a very long time.  Thanks.


  1. I can see!!! I can see!!! Oh, thank you Celebrigum!! I'll never forget this!!!!!!!

  2. My eye hurt now. This is why eye charts have letter and not attractive women.

  3. Karl, that's great that you're continuing to see.

    David, I'm sorry, I gave you the non-alphabetical test because I thought you were illiterate.

  4. How dare you call me illiterate, my grandfather fought in the literacy war of 1943. While fighting for his country he lost the use of his vowels and he's not inconsonant. So be a little more careful when you throw around the "I word".

  5. Shit, Whit, if you can't get a tan, spend a couple of bucks on a pair of pantyhose.

  6. Get one of these babies and you don't have to choose whether to focus on the gum or the celebrity: http://www.lytro.com/

    It's kind of gimmicky, but I still think it's pretty amazing. Click on the photo gallery and see how it works.

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