"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gallery of Out-Of-Focus Celebrities

When life gives you blur, make blur-ade.

As much as I try to get the camera to focus on the street below and not the ledge, I don't always succeed. But that's okay. These are sort of awesome, I think. And for you fans who've asked for better shots of the gum (yes, there really are such people), it's your special day.

Kathy Griffin

Regis Philbin

Joan Rivers

Kelsey Grammer

Howard Stern

Jennifer Garner

Note: Blur-Ade is a registered trademark of the Methanol Beverage Group, designating their line of wood alcohol based sports drinks, consumption of which can cause blindness, coma, and death. Available in Optic Nerve Destroying Orange, Rockin' Respiratory Failure Raspberry, Xtreme Cherry Central Nervous System Depression Blast, and Lemon-Lime.