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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rachel Maddow

Here's a fun game!  Or at least, here's a game!

It's "Guess Rachel Maddow's Shoe Color!"

In the next photo, Ms. Maddow will have emerged from behind the window ledge, revealing her brightly colored shoes.  Take a moment now to jot down your guess.

Hint: it's the color Ms. Maddow would like to see states turn on electoral maps on Tuesday night.

Additional hint: Ms. Maddow is known to be politically left-leaning.

Additional hint: the Democratic party is the major U.S. political party generally associated with the "left."

Yet another hint: political maps traditionally assign the color red to states won by the Republican presidential candidate, and blue to states won by the Democratic presidential candidate.  

Did you make your guess yet?  (You're not one of those undecided voters, are you?)


How much longer can I delay the reveal?

Hint: a little longer.

Additional hint: a "hint" is an indirect clue or suggestion.

That wasn't really a hint, was it?  Sorry.  Here are Rachel Maddow's shoes.

It'll be very interesting to see how things play out Tuesday night: Rachel Maddow's sneakers vs. two little girls' coats.

Good luck to all maps, states, and colors on Tuesday, and thanks to everyone who played or pretended to play!


  1. Have to admit that it's always been a bit confusing that "they" assigned the color blue to states that vote Democratic, when most folks would guess the color red would represent left-leaning. But anyway, tired of politics now, well, actually, for many months ... Wonder if Ms. Maddow has sneakers of the high-heeled variety for more formal occasions? Now can't get Tommy Tucker's "High-Heel Sneakers" out of my head[really showing my age with that one ...].


    1. Obviously, the red color scheme means the Republican Party is secretly preparing for a communist takeover.

      This has been "Stupid Statement That's No More Idiotic Than The Hysterical Comments Posted On Every News Story Online."

  2. I support a woman's right to shoes!

    1. I see you're also pro-pun. Another divisive issue.

    2. I'm also a card-carrying member of the Herbal Tea Party.

  3. The Toast in the MachineNovember 4, 2012 at 11:16 PM

    The Gum is obviously from a gray state.

  4. I was going to guess rainbow colored shows until I saw the second photo. Your hints weren't doing it for me - I was just getting clicks and beeps on this end.

    1. Sorry, Karl, but I wanted to make the hints very subtle.