"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Willie Nelson

I've been holding onto these Willie Nelson photos since November, waiting for a new technical breakthrough to be perfected.  Now, at last, it's ready. 

Introducing CyberSmoke!

Thanks to a collaboration between Willie and CelebriGum, CelebriGum fans can now enjoy an authentic marijuana smoking experience by simply clicking on the gum in this entry's photos!

CyberSmoke is currently legal only in Colorado or Washington.  But I'm not a cop, if you hear what I'm saying.

Try it!  You may have to click a few times to get it going, but after a moment your computer or phone will begin to emit marijuana smoke!  

Keep clicking on the gum!

Still not working?  Let me check with your internet provider; CyberSmoke is a new technology, and we still occasionally run into a bug or glitch.

Meanwhile, keep clicking!

Good news: I just contacted your internet provider, and in fact there was an issue with the CyberSmoke system that has now been resolved.  So get clicking, and enjoy!

Nothing yet?  It should start working any minute!  Enjoy, courtesy of CelebriGum and Willie Nelson!

Keep clicking!


  1. To all the gum I've smoked, before,
    And the cops who've busted down, my door
    I'm glad you came along
    There's nothing in my bong,
    To all the gum I've smoked, before....

    I think I did this song before.

    1. Always worth doing again!

      And I'm crazy for chewing
      Crazy for doing
      All that gum-themed stuff that I do

    2. The CyberSmoke system must be working, because I just laughed really hard at Karl's comment.

  2. Clicking is only legal here in California if used for "medicinal" purposes.