"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Julianne Moore

Here's a delightfully strange picture.

Is Julianne protecting herself from falling masonry?  Is she trying to block the CIA's mind control rays?

Both are good ideas.  But as it happens, she had just been for a ride on 53rd Street with rally car driver Tanner Foust.

Here's the CelebriGum video of Tanner doing donuts with Julianne in the passenger seat.

Professional driver.  Closed course.  Professional gum.  Do not attempt.  


  1. Where's the video of Tanner turning donuts with the gum in the passenger seat? I would've thought that at least the gum could've been surreptitiously flicked from the ledge onto Julianne's helmet.

  2. While CelebriGum has insured the gum through Lloyd's of London, the policy doesn't cover risky automotive stunts.

  3. Nothing more attractive than a woman in a helmet, until you see a woman in a helmet next to gum. I hope wearing a helmet for style catches on.