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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ray Romano

"Men Of A Certain Age": cancelled, to the chagrin of its devoted fans.

"Gum Of A Certain Age": renewed!  Yes, the gum survived the hurricane, to the relief of its devoted fans!

I checked on it this morning when I got to the office.  The gum has survived blizzards, ice storms, blazing heat, lightning storms, an earthquake, fair weather with moderate temperatures, and now a hurricane. (Okay, it was probably a tropical storm.)  I don't think anything short of a volcanic tornasteroid will knock it off the ledge.

The Weather Channel says there's a volcanic tornasteroid forming in the south Atlantic, but it's currently projected to veer off to the east.


  1. I had volcanic tornasteroids last month. Couldn't leave the bathroom for a week.

  2. Your own fault for drinking 53rd Street puddle water.