"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eli Manning

Presenting Eli Manning, New York Giants quarterback and Super Bowl XLVI MVP!

Note: due to jealousy and rage, internet service providers based in New England may attempt to block this image.  However, it's safe to say New England's blocking will come up short.

Yes!  Sports joke!  High five!

(Did the Patriots have bad blocking during the Super Bowl?  I actually don't know.  Not much of a football fan.  I watched mainly to Tweet jokes like "Super Bowl Fun Fact: Madonna is LXVII.") 

(Yes!  Roman numerals joke!  High V!)


  1. Not-so Fun Fact: Know why there's no 0 Roman numeral? Because zero hadn't been invented yet.

    Also, I love the light flooding from the right.

    1. It's slightly fun. Maybe the nerdier among us would enjoy a joke about the Romans having Diet Coke but not Coke Zero.

      Yeah, I like the light. Always hoping to take a photo that has a different look.

  2. Too bad Steve is still on hiatus. I miss his funny jokes.