"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Joan Rivers

A close call for stagehand Tommy O'Brien, in the gray Late Show jacket.

As he told me later, "That morning I was this close to wearing the exact same white fur coat!  How embarrassing would that have been?  OMG, my stagehand friends would've, like, never let me forget it!"

And I was all, like, "Whatevs."

This concludes CelebriGum's Awkwardly Trying To Appeal To Teenagers Edition, featuring teen favorite Joan Rivers.  Stay in school, kids!


  1. More importantly, is the gum at all endangered by rain? Perhaps you could provide a little umbrella next time?

    Jan B.

    1. The gum has been through all sorts of weather extremes for several years now. A little light rain is nothing. As for the umbrella idea, check out http://www.celebrigum.com/2010/11/daniel-dae-kim.html

  2. I love a nice wet gum shot.

    You don't realize how many websites I've been kicked off of for using that comment. None.

  3. If I was Tommy, I'd a flour-bombed her.

    1. If you enjoy flour-bombing action, it sounds as if tonight's show will have a flour-covered Chris Elliott for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure our trusty photog and gum will have photos detailing the dusty incident in the next few days.

      Jan B.

    2. I would have loved to get the CelebriGum version of that. But it was taped before I got to the window.

  4. This how you appeal to the txt/FB crowd:

    4 (1053 (411 f0r 57493h4nd 70mmy 0'8r!3n, !n 7h3 9r4y 1473 5h0w j4(k37.

    45 h3 701d m3 1473r, "7h47 m0rn!n9 ! w45 7h!5 (1053 70 w34r!n9 7h3 3x4(7 54m3 wh!73 fur (047! h0w 3m84rr455!n9 w0u1d 7h47 h4v3 833n? 0m9, my 57493h4nd fr!3nd5 w0u1d'v3, 1!k3, n3v3r 137 m3 f0r937 !7!"

    4nd ! w45 411, 1!k3, "wh473v5."

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