"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ashton Kutcher

I got several cool pictures of Ashton Kutcher.  As you may have heard, he's joined the cast of the CBS comedy "Two And A Half Men."

He's also one of the top-ranked celebrities on Twitter, with over seven and a half million followers.  That's a lot of influence!

If Ashton mentioned CelebriGum on his Twitter feed, just imagine how many people would check out this silly little project!

Mr. Kutcher, consider using your Twitter mojo to vault CelebriGum into the top rank of celebrity-and-old-gum photo sites!

I'd hate to have to go over your head to President Obama or Lady Gaga.


  1. Hmm, based on the lack of comments I'm guessing Mr. Kutcher hasn't yet mentioned you on his Twitter page. IS ANYONE OUT THERE - OUT THERE - out there - out there.......
    Wow, who knew the Celebrigum could echo?

  2. CelebriGum seems to be more popular on the Facebook page.
    Now a real comment: Am I the only one who realizes that Charlie Sheen thing was a big "Punk'd" episode?

  3. Don't you know that "Punk'd" was a hoax?

  4. I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me.

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