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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tom Brokaw

Journalist and author Tom Brokaw visited the Late Show to promote his new book about discarded gum, "The Grayest Generation."

Oh, excuse me, my phone is ringing.  It must be someone calling to tell me I've won a Peabody Award or a MacArthur Genius Grant or a Webby Award or something!


False alarm.  It was just Al Gore calling to say he now regrets inventing the internet. 


  1. I'm nominating you for the highly-coveted "Wrigley Award" - also known informally as a "Gummy". The Gummies will be on TV the first Sunday in March.

  2. Very honored! Looking forward to it! I just hope host Ricky Gervais doesn't offend gum industry VIP's this time.

  3. If you can stand a joke or two about poor photo quality, you should be fine at the event.

  4. I wish I knew who Tom Brokaw was, but I don't watch gay pornography.

    Must be the first time anyone mistook Tom Brokaw for a gay pornography actor, today.

  5. Tom looks like he has some old, gray gum in his hair. Oh, wait. Nope, my mistake. That IS his hair.