"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen

I like this shot of Sacha Baron Cohen, but I worry that my days as the pre-eminent photographer of celebrities with old gum could be numbered.

Facebook just acquired a new photo app called InstaGum, and now all those people on the street can easily do this:

Facebook's been on a roll lately, so I'm sure the $1 billion they spent on InstaGum will turn out to be a wise investment.


  1. Overpaying for InstaGram was almost an act of charity for the 13 or so folks who worked there. Perhaps you could interest young Zuckerberg in your CelebriGum site or other properties and let him spread some more of that wealth around?


  2. 13 employees? I've got some hiring to do before I'm big enough to get noticed by Facebook. First, I've got to figure out what the other 12 people would do.

    1. The Toast in the MachineMay 26, 2012 at 10:45 AM

      One to hold the camera, and twelve to turn the icon-inlaid, T'ang Dynasty camel mounting stool?

      (There's a nap for that: Zzzzzzzzzzzz... Zzzzzzzzz... Zzzzzzzzz...)

    2. Milestone! First T'ang Dynasty reference in CelebriGum. Bravo!

    3. If you need 12 people to do one simple task I say you should start looking in Polish Town. I'm sorry, I don't think that's a place.

    4. Isn't T'ang what the astronauts drank?

    5. Close. It's what the astron'auts dr'ank.