"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a tough CelebriGum subject.  He tends to avoid the stage door, and until recently the only time I got him was when he and Dave were kicking field goals.

Recently I got lucky again.  Bill made an unusual entrance that involved an apparent extra-legal rendition.  A black SUV pulled up, tough guys got out, hauled a bound and hooded Bill out of the back, and roughly deposited him in the theater.  The action unfolded on 53rd Street, and CelebriGum had a good view.

 With the bit concluded, Bill paused by the stage door, leading to the first-ever…

…CelebriGum photo simultaneously showing the celebrity from above and at street level!  

If the Mayan apocalypse hits in a few days, at least we can die satisfied that we reached this milestone.


  1. The Toast in the MachineDecember 11, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    I feel like I'm trapped in an endless feedback loop...or maybe I just feel loopy.

    1. Perhaps a black hood and a ride in an SUV will straighten you out.

  2. Isn't that how most guests have to be brought to the Late Show?

    1. At a metaphorical level, isn't that how most people do everything?