"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hugh Jackman

Ladies, you've been very patient as I've posted heaps of photos of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models and various sexy actresses in skimpy dresses.

This is a thank you for your patience.  

He's not bare-chested or showing leg, but here's Hugh Jackman putting on a suit jacket.  There are also a couple of other guys; maybe some of you will take a fancy to them.

Also very patient are the fans of the photos in which the gum is sharp and the celebrity is out of focus.  Not too many of those make it into CelebriGum, but here's one.

Be out and be proud, sharp gum fans.  There are more of you than you suspect.  You're just as God made you.


  1. Oh look! It's Wolverine versus The Blob (of gum)!

    1. Based on its track record so far, my money's on The Blob.

  2. Hugh don't know Jack, Man.