"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The FanGum Photo Contest

What a varied and delightful batch of FanGum photos you folks sent in… I'm glad I got Paul Shaffer to be the judge, because I would have found it awfully difficult to pick.  Yes, all cliches, and all true.

The winner of the FanGum Photo Contest is Mark Gentle, for his photo of a gum-adorned Lockheed A-12 spy plane at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama.  Mark wins his choice of either posing on 53rd Street for his own featured CelebriGum photo, or sending his gum to join the original gum on the ledge for some CelebriGum shots!  Way to go, Mark!

Paul also gave honorable mention to a pair of multi-gum shots taken by Catherine Huggins in the Governor's Mansion, Des Moines, Iowa.  Note the glass bases that prevent the gum from defacing the historic 1869 home.


Here are some other intriguing, surprising, clever, and just plain awesome submitted photos.  I'll be featuring these and others in the new FanGum section of the site, coming soon.

"The Bashful Astronaut," a Lego simulation of a typical CelebriGum shot, by Jack O'Brien

"I Love Lucy" -- Lucy the Elephant in Margate City, New Jersey, with a heart-shaped piece of gum, by Shirlee DiBacco

"VertiGum" by Katie Dolan

By Jim Westfall

The following entry is rated NC-17:

"Hot Gum on Gum Action" by Alan Page

The Ralph Kramden statue at New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal, by Cheryl Levenbrown

At Seattle's famous Gum Wall, by Joni Layne

By Karen Byers

Monument Circle in Indianapolis, by Amy Holtsclaw

By Francine Hughes, a medical professional who I'm pretty sure snagged a tag from a hospital morgue for this shot of unchewed gum on a slab.

By Lenny Boudreau

"Gumbo(w)," by Liz Scholz 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame, by Philip Vaughn

Special mention goes to a webcam feed from Karl Schoettler.

Nutty and fabulous, as Paul would say.  Thanks to everyone who proved you don't need celebrities to have fun with gum and a camera.  


  1. Congratulations to Mark and everyone else. As my webcam now says - we're all winners!

    1. I agree. I'm especially a winner because I tricked everyone else into creating this entry.

    2. Actually I was so upset that I originally made a sign that said "Celebrigum Sucks", but then my conscience got the better of me so I made a sign that said "We're All Losers (except for Mark Gentle)" but that blew away, and so you end up getting the sign you see.

    3. Hilarious -- vintage Steve!!! And vintage mastication...
      You are the ultimate rockstar and gumshoe!!

  2. Wow, I had no idea the talent found within the Celebrigum community. I can't want until next time, I'll bring my A game! Congrats to Mark, and also Congrats to Steve for being odd enough to know photographing gum with celebrities would be a good idea!

    1. I humbly accept your oddness congratulations.

      I liked your unchewed gum/Paul Shaffer entry, David. I'm going to assemble some sort of Meta collection, since there were many entries that referenced Paul, Dave, and/or the show.

  3. I'm in awe. I'm also nauseated.

  4. Assuming that's a full-size Lockheed A-12 spy plane, doesn't that make the gum about the size of a basketball? Will the ledge need to be reinforced before its visit? (Or is my sense of scale way off?)

    1. I think the plane is actually not that big (it only carried one pilot), and the spike on the tip is pretty small. It may be a trick of perspective. Also, Mr. Gentle may have chewed multiple pieces of gum in order to make it visually arresting. (Mark? Comments?)

    2. Well, I think a single piece of gum would look that big on a knitting needle, so I still have a feeling that's a whole lotta gum.

      Still, award-worthy concept.

  5. The Toast in the MachineMarch 3, 2013 at 5:08 PM

    Congratulations to Mark Gentle for his amazing entry! Some of us have money to travel, or at least we live somewhere that includes really cool places to place chewed Gum for photographic purposes. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. For the rest of us, we merely have the ability to drive to the nearest Walmart (They're everywhere!) and try to recreate a Gum zombie apocalypse idea that had occurred earlier in the day, That was, without a doubt, the most fun I've ever had at a Walmart (and by that I mean that it's the ONLY fun I've ever had at a WalMart). But I must say that there are some truly fantastic entries. Congratulations to everyone who played along...especially Paul. Great contest, Steve!