"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, February 25, 2013

Johnny Depp

This is Todd Seda, one of the Late Show's cue card guys.  You may have seen his work here before.

Once again, Todd stepped up when I couldn't be at the window, and this time he really outdid himself.

A bleak classic, making masterful if accidental use of the sharp gum/out of focus celebrity effect.

A virtuoso framing of Mr. Depp at the far top left and the gum at the extreme lower right. 

Here Todd impresses with the extremely difficult and rarely seen reverse angle shot, also displaying impressive framing skill. 

And here's where Todd really earns a round of applause: the meta shot.  Late Show costume designer Sue Hum takes a picture of Johnny Depp across the street.  That's her face reflected in the window.  And somehow he still got the gum.  

Well done, my googly-eyed friend.


  1. Todd's a chip off the old wad!

    1. Yes, he is. In the first photo you can kind of see where.

  2. Is that the Dept. of Health SWAT van shutting down Hello Deli?

    1. No, that was the night the Dept. of Health SWAT team was the musical act. They did that number about improperly refrigerated shellfish that had the audience on their feet.