"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Friday, March 29, 2013

Brian Williams

"There he is.  Are you ready?"         "Hell yeah.  Let's do this."

"Mr. Williams!  Would you autograph our case of bottled water?"

"Please, Mr. Wiliams!  We've been waiting for hours!"

"I don't think he's gonna sign."          "Offer him a bottle of water."

"Mr. Williams!  Please!  You can have a bottle if you're thirsty!"

"We brought this water all the way from 10th Avenue!  And we dressed up!"

"Mmm, delicious water!  Just sign!"

"We love your news show!  Big fans!  Please sign, Mr. Williams!"

"Crap.  There he goes."      

"I thought Brian Williams signed water.  I thought it was a thing."

"Guess not.  Okay, we're dressed up and we've got this friggin' water.  Now what?"

"Let's go over to Fallon.  Maybe someone famous there will sign it."

"Okay.  But you carry it, my arms are tired."

"No can do, bro.  I'm carrying the credential."

Tune in next time, when the third paparazzo tries to get Willie Nelson to autograph his yoga mat!