"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is a good guest.  He and Dave always end up having an amusing conversation.

But it's alarming that Dr. Phil presents himself as a model of mental health.

Here he is coming back across the street after "greeting the fans."

His people nod and smile and agree that yes, it certainly is a nice big crowd that turned out to clamor for autographs and photos.

"Hi, guys!  Can't stop and chat -- have to get inside to do "Donahue"!"

Be well, Dr. Phil.


  1. Getting on the wrong side of Oprah again? She "created" "Dr." Phil, didn't she? Plus it appears McGraw is delusional thinking he sees fans where none seem to appear. Sorry, don't have much use for this guy, but I know that Dave does have fun with him, so ...

    Jan B.

    1. Oprah, if you're reading this (and I think you are), I mean no offense. We're just having fun!

  2. This is gonna be a changing day in your life.

    1. Is that some of his gobbledygook?

      Anyway, too late. I've already moved on to Neil Patrick Harris.