"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nathan Lane

Summer blockbuster season is heating up!

Coming this Friday, it's the action-adventure sci-fi crime mystery psycho-drama comedy romance thriller "226 Days."

Nathan Lane plays a man inexplicably obliged to re-enact… 

… his own approach to a car at the same spot nearly eight months before.  What dark secret from his past compels him to perform this seemingly mundane action?   

As Nathan is drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of sinister intrigue, September 19th 2012 and May 2nd 2013 begin to blur together in an ominous muddle.

Then, because it's a big budget studio movie, there are car chases, gun battles, gratuitous explosions, a tacked-on love sub-plot, and hints of conspiracies reaching to the highest levels of government and beyond.

Plus, there's something hidden under a blue tarp!  Watch out, Nathan!

Yeah, Hollywood is completely out of ideas.  I'm glad such a thing could never happen to CelebriGum!


  1. I think the riddle of the blue tarp is hidden in the spray painted hieroglyphics on the sidewalk, but I've yet to figure it out. Where's Langdon whatever-his-name-is when you need him?

    1. I believe you're thinking of Langdon Da Vinci, the main character in "The Dan Brown Code."

  2. I get much more excited about blue tarps than orange cones. What does that say about me? Is Dr. Phil still there? I might need professional help!

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