"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ricky Gervais

I enjoyed having the extra hour on Sunday.  But the end of Daylight Saving Time is tough for CelebriGum.  Summertime, the photographin' was easy, but now I'll be struggling to take decent pictures in darkness.  These photos are from early August.

Goodbye, golden sunlight on the ledge!

Goodbye, golden sunlight on British comedians' scalps!

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  1. "Golden Sunlight on British Comedians' Scalps" That's my new Jazz Band's name!

  2. I don't like the time change or the cold weather either. It feels like the icy cold hands of death are coming for us all. I take comfort in the strength and steadfastness of the gum.

  3. David, what happened to your last jazz band? Was it sunk by a non-catchy name?

    Karl, you just made me think of a spin-off: the gum's self-help book.

  4. My last Jazz band "Open up and say 'I'm Dead'" had to break up when our singer/bass player Conrad Murray had something come up.