"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidates

After deep thought and careful consideration of the issues, CelebriGum is prepared to make an important announcement.

 Herman Cain

Rick Perry

Of the two candidates, CelebriGum endorses Governor Perry.  Rick Perry demonstrates the leadership qualities America needs:

--He arrives at a time of day when there's plenty of natural light.

--He more or less faces the camera.

--He's not in the pocket of Big Hat.

God bless America, and may the most gum-photogenic candidate win.


  1. What was that third quality again?! Oops...

  2. Well, Jason, you've hit upon the other way I was considering going. In the end I just had to use the phrase "in the pocket of Big Hat."

    Also, I figured that the "forgotten third element" trope would probably come up in the comments.

    Not to mention the fact that ... ah, crap.

  3. That "third quality" joke just isn't all that funny. Sorry. It's lame and hackneyed already.

  4. But now we're on to the meta joke of forgetting the third reason not to do the joke.

    Meta humor rocks!

  5. Remember that racist rock he had? Wow, that got forgotten quicker than the salad at a Teddy Rosevelt dinner. How's that for an old unfunny joke?

  6. Here are three reasons I like meta jokes...

    Oh, fuck it.

  7. Yeah, between this thread and the Annie Leibovitz entry, there's a lot of meta going around.