"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eugene Levy

This photo of comic actor Eugene Levy is perfectly okay -- there's the gum, there's the celebrity -- but during Gimmick Month, things need to go in an unexpected direction.

Perhaps cheap special effects from photo editing software can help.

"Oil Painting"






"Fiddling with Hue and Saturation"

Well, that was fun.  Amazing how -- oh, excuse me, my phone's ringing.


Oh my God.  Based on that last photo, director James Cameron just called to offer me a very lucrative job doing special effects for the "Avatar" sequels.  

This could bode well for my career, and badly for the "Avatar" sequels.


  1. If you keep on photoshoppin', the Levy's gonna break ... On the plus side, another Canadian joins the gum parade.

    1. When Eugene Levy breaks, I'll have no place to stay.

      Not just another Canadian: another Order of Canada recipient!

    2. I've never fiddled with hue and saturation. I do enjoy a good fiddling, however.

    3. All last night I sat on Eugene Levy and moaned.

      Not sure I like where this is going!

      btw - is an Order of Canada recipient someone who just got their poutine?

  2. I love the song about him Led Zeppelin recorded "When the Levy Breaks".

    1. Yes. So do some people in the earlier comments.

    2. Wait, I thought that comment was about the popular Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie song, of the same name. Sorry.

    3. You saved it! I think. I'm not going to bother Googling your reference.