"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Farewell to the Spring '13 Interns

Another semester ends… another fond farewell to a fine batch of Late Show interns.  Two of them have a new resume item sure to baffle potential employers:  "Spring 2013: Guest photographer, CelebriGum." 

Randi Furman, whose work we've seen before, grabbed a few nice shots.

Kerry Washington

Chris O'Dowd

Jim Parsons  (the out-of-focus gum/sharp celebrity is an artistic choice, not a mistake, right, Randi?)

Emily Erotas also entered the glamorous world of celebrity gum photography.

Matthew McConaughey

 Hoda Kotb

Ed Helms (careful of the gum there, Emily)

Emily's post-college plans include building a media empire around her own piece of gum and driving me out of business.  You'll be sorry, Emily.  You have no idea of the harsh tactics I'm willing to employ in order to protect… ah, you know what, forget it.  I surrender.  

Thanks, ladies!  Best of luck!


  1. "Knows how to wear the hell out of a Little Black Dress" can also be an implortant addition to that resume.

    Oh, c'mon, like nobody else noticed.

    Good luck, ladies.

    1. Ah, excellent use of "implortant." It's catching on.

      Of course, at rehearsal, it came up on screen as "important."