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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goodbye to "The Office"

After a great nine season run, "The Office" is ending.  The final episode airs Thursday, May 16th.

Here are a few of the stars of "The Office" who've been caught by the CelebriGum camera recently.

John Krasinski ("Jim")

Mindy Kaling ("Kelly")

Ed Helms ("Andy")

And, from the CelebriGum files:

Steve Carell ("Michael")

 Rainn Wilson ("Dwight")

 B.J. Novak ("Ryan")

 And of course, no discussion of "The Office" would be complete without…

Ricky Gervais ("Pam")

Thanks for all the laughs!


  1. Nice trip down memory lane, but though it may be blasphemous in some way, have to admit I haven't watched The Office in about 5 years. But always remember how very thrilled Rainn Wilson was when he was a guest with Dave(his parents, how he had been in the audience at the old show, just how shaky excited he was to meet Dave, etc.). That was endearing. Anyway, another timely edition of CelebriGum.

    Jan B.

    1. Blasphemer!
      Nah, you're fine.
      If you fall five years behind on CelebriGum, though, we'll have a problem.

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