"A perfectly silly, genius idea" -- David Letterman

Monday, May 20, 2013

Michael Strahan

Is there anything this versatile athlete/football analyst/talk show host can't do?

Michael visited the Late Show to promote his one man show about President Richard Nixon, "President Richard Nixon."

Not only has he got Nixon's mannerisms down, he's even nailed the 37th president's affinity for appearing in public with a piece of old gum on a window ledge.

(Photo credit: the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and Clearly Fake Photo Archive)

Shortly before I posted this entry, I realized I also wanted a gum photo of Nixon doing the gesture the day he left office, but at that point I was away from my home computer with the photo software.

So I had to make this with my own gum, a padded mailer for a ledge, and a photo on my office computer screen.

Yeah, I'm getting a lot done here at work.


  1. Remember how you were worried about straying too far from mediocre?

    Worry no more.

    "Nixon retains his positive attitude even as he's chest deep in Tang - the result of a frat boy prank gone very bad over at The Reflecting Pool."

    1. Contorting myself mentally to perceive your comment as praise. Thanks, I think!

      Surprising how many frat boy pranks go bad. Frat boys are known for their caution and sober practicality.

  2. Well, of course, the stand-in gum hasn't had the opportunity to age yet, and even reminds me a bit of Silly Putty. But no matter, your art demands invention and using the tools at hand[you're a regular MacGyver]. Plus, cute way to try to make Strahan an interesting photo subject.

    Jan B.

    1. Thanks, Jan... ah yes, my art.

      I got a "Hahaha" from Mr. Strahan on Twitter. He must also be a MacGyver fan.

  3. Speaking of political deception and intrigue, I just saw your bearded face on the new episode of the Tony Mendez Show. You really should update your profile photo to show the beard.

    1. The beard is gone!

      Though that old photo does show about a week's worth of stubble, which coincidentally is what I'm sporting at this very moment.

    2. I hope you get paid for appearances on the TMS.

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