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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Matthew McConaughey

The annual CBS Upfront presentation, at which the network reveals its fall schedule and introduces new shows, is just a few days away.  This year, CBS and CelebriGum are teaming up to produce a thrilling new drama.  CelebriGum is proud to present this preview!


Matthew McConaughey... a man with a unique talent... but is it a blessing or a curse?  Whenever he steps outside... 

"Mr. McConaughey!  Look at this carry-on!"


 "Check out the zippered compartments, the sturdy construction…"

 "Yes, I see."

"It's barely used…what do you think?"

"Twenty dollars."

"Matthew McConaughey: Pre-Owned Luggage Appraiser."  Coming this fall to --


I'm sorry, I'm being told "Matthew McConaughey: Pre-Owned Luggage Appraiser" has just been canceled.  Probably for the best; though the acting was good, the writing was terrible.

Instead, CBS has just green-lit another CelebriGum series.  It's a reality show called "Gum's Eye View." 

It gets dark, then light again.  Clouds go by.  Sometimes it rains.  There might be a bird.

CBS: The Tiffany Network. Only on CBS.


  1. I'd totally watch a reality show about gum. But then, I watch lots of stupid stuff.

    1. Much of my life is a reality show about gum already. Not sure how much more I could take.

  2. Looks as if McConaughey is giving the luggage the OK sign or the 3-ring sign [from my youth watching Yankees baseball: as play-by-play man, Mel Allen, used to instruct us: Give 'im the 3-ring sign & ask the man for Ballantine[beer].] Anyway, if either of these shows is a spin-off of the NCIS franchise, and CBS is still America's most watched network, then they're guaranteed hits. CBS viewers don't seem to know how to operate remotes.

    Jan B.

    1. I never heard of the three ring/Ballantine sign. If that's what Mr. McConaughey was trying for, he left sadly disappointed.

      Re: your point about CBS viewers and remotes. In a short-sighted move, CBS has also green-lit a reality/educational series in which older Americans learn to use remotes. I predict it will get good ratings for a while and then drop off dramatically.